Reckoned I'd say hi

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Reckoned I'd say hi

Postby Warhound » Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:41 pm

Got a 2009 650r last year, new off the show room floor for cheap. Been ridin her for over a year and I guess its time for some mods. Thats how I found this site. Y'all got a lot of good stuff on here, as long as someone is willing to put on some waders and sludge through the bs.

Anyway; my bike: 2009 red 650r new brake pads and sport attack tires is all I've done so far. I plan on stripping her naked and making a cafe racer out of her. Carbon everything I can replace, shocks and redo front end. Looking into exhaust but the only conical I can find is a danmoto. From what I've read they don't help performance. Anyway. Full exhaust, normal airbox mods with a "ram air" system I'm toying with (I understand ram air only helps at a ton up, but cooler air always helps) after I lower the radiator a bit. Rearsets, clipons, new lights and guages. Steel brake lines and a pcv with an autotuner. Replace sprockets and chain Probably missed something or two, lol.
Been reading through the forums looking for Mods that've worked, common mods, different parts that have been used. Etc. Unfortunately all my experience at modding has been reading about it. And I'm always wling to listen to advice. :cycle
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Re: Reckoned I'd say hi

Postby biketechted » Wed Aug 01, 2012 7:56 am

As far as wading through the BS, at least you only need knee waders for this site for the most part.
Your best bet to find out about mods is to sit back with a glass or a bowl of something, open up some of the threads or keyword search, and enjoy the next few months learning about this and that.
Try not to ask too many questions that you may be able to find through the search function and you won't get frustrated when nobody answers your question. aka :)fu
Pretty much every question you can think of has been asked at some point.
Have fun, good luck. :moto
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Re: Reckoned I'd say hi

Postby Cope » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:09 am

That bike sat on the floor for over 3 years? Geezus! I bet the bike was starting to learn how to make puppy-dog eyes by that time, did you name it Johnny Five?
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