I'm back... no pun intended

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I'm back... no pun intended

Postby backSLIDER » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:34 am

So I have been gone for a few years. Around the time the forum went down and BRP saved it. After that I was at MMI and moving around a bit. I've worked as a motorcycle mechanic at a few shops, become a BMW master tech and have landed with a great shop in San Francisco. Well at some point I lost my mind and sold the 650 to pay some bills. I had an early 80's honda and an 88 HD sportster. The honda is somewhere helping someone new learn how to ride and I just sold that 88 Sportster after having to buy parts for it too many times. So I bought the same 650 back from my buddy and I thought I'd find the best forum I've ever been a part of (sorry SE but you are not really a forum),
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Re: I'm back... no pun intended

Postby Honinjsuz » Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:03 pm

Welcome, as always. Good riding nearby, may you get plenty!
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Re: I'm back... no pun intended

Postby BRP » Tue Dec 04, 2012 1:06 pm

Welcome back, lots of things have changed.

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