The current state of racing

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The current state of racing

Postby biketechted » Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:24 am

With Motogp in the US and all the riders playing musical chairs, I have to say that it's much more exciting to watch whats going on off the track.
Nicky Hayden...good for you...I guess. Your still on an uncompetitive machine with a team full of engineering idiotas. But at least you can ride and Ducati didn't let you get who you'd go I have no idea.
Ben Spies...good for you. Nothing better than telling your team to F-off in a nice way the morning of your video shoot at the Yamaha headquarters. Now if your shit will just quit breaking you can shove it up in there a little more before the year is out.
Colin Edwards...what is there to say that you haven't already said." My bike is shit, CRT is shit, and it's all bullshit." I especially like the "ball tickling" comment. I'll miss him when he's gone.
At least there's Cal Crutchlow. I like him and most everything about him, I just hope that if he winds up at Ducati that he can ride that Italian pork sausage better than it's capable of being ridden ala Stoner.
Stoner... Awesome rider, but a limp dick. Enjoy life. Can't say I blame you for leaving. Hot wife though. :drool
Speaking of about the rookie rule being changed and Marc Marquez going straight to HRC. Colin says Bullshit!

AMA...Josh Hayes is the man, Josh Herrin is an upcoming force, but needs the manliness that Hayes displays.
Ben upset me with your mistakes. You're probably my favorite rider... but not when you act like a rookie every weekend.
Blake Young...too bad you had to lose those performance parts that kept you in front of Hayes.
"Ralphie" need something new. No offense Michael Jordan.
GO ERIC BUELL RACING GO!!! We don't need no stinking traction control...oh wait maybe a little wheelie control would be nice.
Cameron Beaubier or how ever you spell got lucky not cashin it all in last weekend, but that's what it takes to win over someone like martin Cardenes who will, by the way, probably win most of the rest of the races this season. He's pissed.

and so on and so forth...

Keep in mind that I'm talking out of my ass. so be kind with your replies.
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Re: The current state of racing

Postby phoenix91 » Sun Nov 25, 2012 4:20 pm

I'm sad to see Stoner go but his stated reason is perfectly understandable. All I see out of any Moto-gp racer is stress, depression, and hazy eyes. They're put under so much pressure and have so much on the line with every single race that they lose touch with the spirit of racing and any fun they had on the track is out the window. I'll miss seeing Stoner's on-track antics like his "sliding" through turns but he made a good decision to leave the expectations and keep it fun
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Re: The current state of racing

Postby biketechted » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:33 pm

I think MotoGP will offer closer racing (not too close) and may get exciting from a certain point of view. If you've watched it for 10 years or more, then yea it sucks. At least Moto 1 and 2 still offer exciting racing.
I'll be tuned to as much WSBK as I can find in spite of it being owned by Dorna. You get two races, close to production bikes that you can buy yourself, and more of a realistic view of motorcycle racing.
Prototypes are awesome, but unrealistic for the world we live in. Plus those guys are hypersensitive, Type A's that are babied. No offense to Colin Edwards, even though he may be better off in WSBK or AMA.
I hope Ben Spies can ride that pig of a Ducati, otherwise he's just spinning his wheels.
Also, Ben Bostrom may be racing WSBK.
Personally, I won't be doing any racing, but I plan on doing a few track days next year. Fingers Crossed.

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