Highly modified 650 race bike

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Re: Highly modified 650 race bike

Postby BRP » Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:06 am

biketechted wrote:Gary,
Aren't you curently doing a Versys swingarm project.
Unless I'm mistaken, you were going to run one on your personal bike?
Project 650R 005.jpg

I've since sold the frame,shock and scrapped the project.
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Re: Highly modified 650 race bike

Postby racingunlimited » Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:03 pm

This is my bike. Those pics were from it's first outing. We did have some handling issues, starting with ground clearance. Every bike with this many mods, has a learning curve. The bike was 98HP at the time, and finished 2nd on race day, to an SV that had similar power... And several years of developement time. The slipper clutch took a little tuning too, but the guy from BRP gave me the hot set-up.
I don't remember any twin cyl bike at Brainerd, even staying close to this bike. Johnny Staska Raced the bike there, and had checked-out in the twins class... Until the (Very Big) stroker crank expired. Robbie Jensen did do a couple af laps at BIR (In '08) on the bike. His biggest complaint was fading brakes... Which we solved with Carbone Lorrain (sp) pads.
The ZX6R suspension linkage angles were taken exactly from that bike. The handling is now quite good.
Jay Springsteen just rode the bike for nearly a whole day at Barber, and had a blast. The engine in the bike now is at a true 650cc, and is 93HP. Maria Costello raced the bike at Daytona in Oct. Maria races an ER in England, and at the Isle Of Man.
I'll post dyno sheets, if I can figure out how to do it.

BTW: It's not lots of cash that built this bike. It all about dedication and time. It's amazing what a couple of hundred hours of porting and flow bench testing can do, to make horsepower.

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