Ex650 cheap susoension upgrade

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Ex650 cheap susoension upgrade

Postby FResina » Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:43 pm

Dear BRP, Dear Members of this forum

I have carefuly read with joy tons of posts on this forum, and I kindly ask for your help/ feedback.

I own a ninja 650r, year 2010, ABS, for 7 months now, I've done just about 5k miles and I'm desperated to upgrade suspension.

I use my bike everyday, and despite ridding it on the street/road, I do love to ride it hard. I drive between twisties and highway as I live "outside the city", and on the weekend love to throw it on the twisties =) I ride mainly alone, my weight is 156 pounds, and I love stock bike height; good to overcome sidewalks etc without smashing collectors =)

Unfortunatly, spending 400$ or more on a rear shock (pense, ohlins, etc), and plus 1000$ on an ak-20 for the front is not an option, despite I'm aware it would be the perfect upgrade, thus I'm considering the following options:

-swap rear shock for an used one, I've read R1 from 2008 fits, has anyone seen or done this? Does anyone knows from which bike is possible to buy an used rear shock and swap our stock one without to much hassle?

-front suspension, is the 400$ needed for a complete race tech upgrade (springs + emulators + adaptors + oil + bearings) worth it, or should I buy traxxon springs instead, and only do that for now, while I keep saving for the rest of the ak-20 kit later.... That is if the springs would be the same, which I honestly do not know...

I already have installed sport bars to improve handling, and on high speed riding I found it a major upgrade, delighted with it.

Looking forward to know your comments/thoughts

Thanks in advance to everyone

Best Regards
Black Ninja 650R abs 2010 - Sport bars, Zero gravity clear double bubble screen, Arrow titanium slip on, Gipro gear indicator, SW Motech mushrooms, China led fload lights :p
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Re: Ex650 cheap susoension upgrade

Postby BRP » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:37 pm

Unfortunately this forum is pretty dead, so you're not going to get a lot of input.
You don't need AK20's
You do need a good shock . The 8900E is $650 and that's going to be a major upgrade.
Fork springs will help, emulators even better.
Our's is the only bike for the most part that has a shock with no linkage.
So using a shock off a bike that does is going to require a different spring.

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