2008 Ninja 650 sat for two years :/

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2008 Ninja 650 sat for two years :/

Postby dapitts08 » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:32 pm

So yes, I know....I messed up but what is done is done...lol

So do you guys have suggestions of what steps I need to take to get her back to tip top shape and the order I should do it in?

I know I will need a new battery and oil change.

Not sure how to tackle the tank and the old gas in it.

Also, will I probably need new tires?

Brake fluid?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2008 Ninja 650 sat for two years :/

Postby cbdallas » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:04 pm

Buy a new battery & put it on a charger.

Change the oil & filter, & dump the gas tank before you even start the bike. Unfortunately, the best way to get rid of that old gas is to remove the tank from the bike & turn it upside down. Rinse & repeat with a little fresh gas.

When you re-mount it & fill it, add a few ounces of Seafoam to the fuel. Careful of the filler neck drain tube when you re-mount the tank. The guy that had my bike before me crimped it, & the filler neck drain collected water when the bike got washed.

Go ahead and do a brake fluid flush while you're working. If after the flush you aren't getting good braking power, you may need new pads. I bought an old 'garage rescue' bike years ago that took a city block to stop when I first rode it. After the fluid flush, it got marginally better. Changed the pads, & it would stop on a dime. I wasn't aware that brake pads degraded to that degree with age, but they do. The still had plenty of meat on them, but had no grip.

Tires aren't necessarily done, but check for sidewall cracking. Naturally, check the tire pressures & tread depth.

Adjust the chain slack. I believe the specs are 35mm - 45mm slack. Then clean & lube the chain. Some guys recommend a kerosene bath, while others recommend WD-40. I've used WD-40 on all my chains, as it makes a great cleaner IMO. Follow up with a coat of chain lube (I recommend DuPont Multi-Use Dry Wax lubricant, if you can locate any. (It's discontinued). If you can't find that, DuPont makes a replacement product called 'Chain Saver'.
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Re: 2008 Ninja 650 sat for two years :/

Postby Yneos » Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:35 pm

cbdallas wrote: (I recommend DuPont Multi-Use Dry Wax lubricant, if you can locate any. (It's discontinued).

http://www.lowes.com/pd_213197-39963-D0 ... 151&rpp=24

edit: just noticed its not the dry kind. they must have stopped selling it recently because i got mine like 8 months ago
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Re: 2008 Ninja 650 sat for two years :/

Postby Honinjsuz » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:48 pm

Add: Drain, flush the coolant, replace. Get new tires. All tires have a date on them. If they are just so new and look ok, so you cant bear to give them up; then do the old cheapskate thing. Rough up the tread surface with coarse sandpaper, then ride very easy for 100 mi. or so (just as you would with new tires). Even then, never push the tires real hard. Go over every nut , bolt, fastener. Put proper torque- no more. Expect some seals, gaskets, etc. to weep a little- it may stop after a while. Change the oil sooner than you usually would after replacing the old oil. Check the coolant and brake fluid sooner too. Go over the connections for the new battery after 100-150 mi. too.

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