Question about 636 gauge temp issue

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Question about 636 gauge temp issue

Postby Milimande » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:30 pm

Ok so I have a 06 650r with an 05 636 gauge. We all know that the temp read out does not work, wrong, today I was riding and it started flashing "HI" where the digital readout should be. So I did some researching and found on the 06 650r the temp warning light comes on at 239F. On the 05 636 the gauge will flash "HI" at 248F. So my question is do you guys think the gauge is saying that because it is recognizing the resistance of 248F or the ecu is sending the warning light signal to the meter which in turn now says "HI" because the bike is reaching 239F. Also I have a friend who is practically a master 12v technician and I think we may have figured out how to get the temp readout to work, but even if not I am perfectly fine without it as long as the gauge will tell me when its to hot. :cycle

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