Starter solenoid

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Starter solenoid

Postby dectro » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:15 pm


I recently took my engine out of my bike and reinstalled installed it just yesterday. The bike is not starting and just making a clicking sound instead of turning over.

I believe it is the starter solenoid, and I took it out and tested it as shown in the service manual.

My question is, when you are using the voltmeter should you be getting some kind of reading when you contact the battery terminals to the solenoid, while you have the voltmeter wires attached to the terminals on the other side? I hear the solenoid clicking, but I get no continuity reading at all when the battery is connected / disconnected as shown in the diagram on page 545.

My problem is i don't understand what the criteria description means. Should I be getting continuity while the battery is disconnected, or vice versa?

Their description:
"Connect the hand tester [A] and 12 V battery [B] to the
starter relay [C] as shown.
Special Tool - Hand Tester: 57001-1394
If the relay does not work as specified, the relay is defective. Replace the relay.
Testing Relay
Tester Range: ×1Ωrange
Criteria: When battery is connected→0Ω
When battery is disconnected→∞Ω"


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Re: Starter solenoid

Postby electjohn » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:02 am

Easier to use a test light , on the relay and at the starter motor if it lights at the starter motor and doesn't start the starter is bad

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